Welcome to my blog, to my world, stranger! :)
This my blog is 100% about Miley. Radiate Love ♥
I'm smiler since 2008-09, and very love Miley.
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just me
My name Maria (or you can also call me Mary).I'm 18 years old. I'm from Kolomna (Russia). I'm graduate of school and i'll go to university soon. My hobbies is watching tv shows, listening music and make gifs. I can all day long listening music and tumblring XD.
I would love to talk with somebody with the same interests as me, I will be very happy if you ask me or send me something my ask always open for you.
I don't really know what usually write on aboutme page...hm..
My best day of my life - it's when I went to my first ever concert. It's was concert Jonas Brothers in my country. it's was unforgettable and best ever days of my life. I bought my favorite t-shirt here.
I very want go to Miley's concert :"(
My face:

1. I’m always opened to talk, don’t come with “sorry if i bother”, you don’t, we’re like family, talk to me.If i don’t answer, i’m sleeping or out for something, but i’ll answer later.
2. I’m can’t follow back because this is a side-blog.
3. I'm Mary and my main blog here.
4. All PSD, actions and other resources I take here and here.
5. All video for my gifs, I download from youtube with this site.
6. All photos I take from: here and here.
7. I take requests submit a video link of what you would like to be gifed.


I'm Mary,18. I'm from Russia.
I'm very shy and I will be glad if you write me in my ask here.
I love Miley Cyrus.
Also I love tv shows, music and funny stuff

write on my wall :)

Jonas Brothers
Fall Out Boy
Green Day
Imagine Dragons
One Republic
Arctic Monkeys
Miley Cyrus(of course)
The Big Bang Theory
Under The Dome

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